2012 FEMA Flood Maps now available from PolicyMap

Noah’s flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights. According to scripture, it inundated all of Earth, waters rising until all the mountains were covered, causing widespread property damage to homes that generally were not insured. After the waters dried up, Noah witnessed a rainbow, a promise that in the future, the land would be divided by FEMA into low, moderate, and high risk flood areas, and that in the low-risk areas, there would be floods no more often (typically) than every 500 years. In moderate-risk flood zones, a hydrological surge could be expected no more than once in a 100 year period. And in a high-risk flood zone, homeowners would need proper insurance, as provided by either a private entity or the federal government, because multiple deluges could be seen in a lifetime.

Even though they are the largest files we work with, loading FEMA flood zones maps did not take 40 days and 40 nights to load onto PolicyMap. And now you can access the latest DFIRM NFHL maps on our Flood Map widget, or add it to your own website through our API.

For information on adding this data to your website through our API, contact us.

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