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Access the latest crime rates in Phoenix

Get the data you need quickly and easily from PolicyMap, the most complete self-service GIS tool on the Web.

Phoenix Crime Rate and Statistics

Get the latest crime rates in Phoenix (including aggravated assault, murder rate, and property crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft) as reported by the FBI from the online mapping tool - PolicyMap. Create Phoenix area crime maps and compare Phoenix's crime statistics and rates to stats in other areas.

Map the Phoenix Murder Rate

Home to an estimated 1.5 million people, 123 people were murdered in Phoenix in 2012 giving it a murder rate of 8.28 murders per 100,000 people. For more Phoenix crime stats and to see a Phoenix crime map, check out PolicyMap, an innovative online mapping tool designed to give you "all the data you need, all in one place, all online."

The FBI is clear. Not all crime statistics can be used for crime mapping. At PolicyMap, we've made every effort to go by the book. If you see crime stats from us, you can be sure they are accurate.

From PolicyMap, you can access over 15,000 data variables related to demographics, housing prices, health, mortgages, schools and more. Need to know how many subprime loans happened in neighborhoods throughout the County or where the Postal Service believes vacant properties are most concentrated? Check out PolicyMap.

To get the most out of our Phoenix crime maps, register for free. Once you are logged into PolicyMap use the identify tool to see actual crime rates in areas around the country and create tables to compare crime stats in Phoenix with other city crime statistics.

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