Geographic Visualization and Analysis

Our goal is to provide you with the simplest, most comprehensive online mapping tool and spatial visualization on the market.

Access: PolicyMap houses thousands of indicators related to demographics, real estate markets, crime, vacancy, income, education, unemployment, health, mass transit and public investments. The data is ready to use for geographic and spatial analysis. See our Data Directory.

"In my experience, it is the most comprehensive and accessible source of information I have seen for practitioners to really understand the underlying demographics, trends and realities in their communities."
Jeannine Jacokes, Chief Executive Officer, Partners for the Common Good

Upload: Upload your own data and leverage it against the data already in PolicyMap. Use of the self-service uploader is UNLIMITED and uses state-of-the-art roof top geocoding. Share your data in interactive maps with anyone, anywhere. Learn more
Visualize: PolicyMap gives you the tools needed to create custom data visualizations.
  • Create customized, data-rich maps on the fly.
  • Add points-of-interest data to understand correlations.
  • Overlay boundaries like congressional districts, zip codes or census tracts.
  • Create unique ranges for an indicator.
  • Change the color ramp.
  • Overlay data you've uploaded to the site.
  • Build custom regions.
Analyze: What does your target market look like? Want to find where those markets exist? Use our analytics to find areas on a map that match up to 3 criteria and generate a list of resulting places. Watch how it works!
Create Reports: Generate on-the-fly market reports for cities, counties, zip codes, political districts, areas you draw or build on the map, or a radius around an address. Standard reports include:
  • Community Profile: Get up-to-date information on population, racial composition, age, income and workforce. See a sample profile for a radius around an address.
  • Rental Housing Report: Get rents by bedroom size, income and affordability data. See a sample rental report for a custom region.
  • HMDA Report: Get a summary of the number, typical amount, and types of home mortgages originated, including high-cost lending activity and high-interest loans by race. See a sample HMDA report for a county.
  • Home Sale Report: Get a summary of the annual number of sales, median sale amount, aggregate sale amount, and Loan-to-Value ratio for 2006 through 2011 and for all quarters of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and early 2012. See a sample housing market report for a city.
Custom Reports:: Need a report with information that you don't see here? Just call us for a quote to build a custom report for your work.
Save and Print:: Save/Print maps as PDFs, JPEGs or high-resolution PNG files. PNGs are ready for publication. It's all free.
Share:: Email a map to a colleague, or embed one in your website or blog post for FREE. Subscribers can have widgets (multi-layer interactive maps) built for their websites.