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Access Geographic Data and Build Online Maps
Online Data and Mapping Tools

PolicyMap is an online data and mapping application that allows you to find, view, create and analyze maps, tables, and reports

PolicyMap - Interactive Mapping Software

Access the PolicyMap online mapping application from any Web browser on any OS and immediately begin creating and saving your own custom, interactive maps.

Standard Subscribers access all of the proprietary data now in PolicyMap like homes sales and current demographic estimates and projections. Premium Subscribers send us unique data for incorporation in the PolicyMap online mapping program.

Good data, smart decisions.
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PolicyMap is a Product, But it is Also a Platform

Using the latest in GIS mapping technology, PolicyMap allows you to easily create and share interactive, custom maps, tables and reports to conduct analysis down to the ZIP code level.

PolicyMap is the geo-mapping platform of choice for investors, entrepreneurs, community assistance organizations, philanthropists, policymakers, academics and enthusiasts. We offer the most user-friendly experience on the web.

  • Create interactive, multi-layered and easy-to-understand visualizations using over 15,000 data indicators
  • Support your organization’s goals and ensure informed decision-making by incorporating data from multiple reliable sources
  • Upload your own data and create truly unique visualizations
  • Illustrate concepts, and use data to create reports, presentations and proposals
  • Gain insight into neighborhood demographics for public policy, state funding, or business expansion initiatives
  • No GIS (geographic information system) server or desktop computer program to maintain.
  • Pull our data into your own platform using our Data API. Bring data rich maps to your Google or Bing map application.

Other mapping programs can be complicated and require extensive training. PolicyMap is the most user-friendly online mapping platform available today, allowing anyone to immediately start creating interactive custom maps.

PolicyMap is here to help you to paint a complete picture of the markets your care about, enabling you to make smart, fully-informed decisions.