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Bikeshare Hawaii needed to know where to focus outreach and communications efforts about their new Biki fare program designed for low-income communities, while also expanding new partnerships for greater impact on community wellbeing.


Through access to the Hawaii Data Collaborative’s Enterprise License,, the Bikeshare Hawaii team used data such as SNAP- and TANF recipients and eligible residents to identify communities eligible for the new Biki fare for low-income residents. Bikeshare Hawaii also used data from PolicyMap to broaden its collaborations with new partnerships with food pantries, community health centers, and public benefits processing centers in those neighborhoods. With data and maps via PolicyMap, Bikeshare Hawaii now helps low-income residents to save money on transportation and put those savings into other life essentials such as food, rent, and medical needs while improving the health and well-being of households though biking. Learn more about why Hawaii Data Collaborative chose PolicyMap for statewide strategy and decision-making around improving the well-being of all Hawaiians.