Insights That Deliver Real Value

Transforming data into actionable insights is crucial to good decision making. We offer consulting and solution development through our Analysis and Insights Services team.

Communicate Compelling Insights Clearly

Are you searching for a way to make your data understandable for everyone, present complex facts, or wow stakeholders? PolicyMap can help you effectively communicate insights from a dataset using visualizations and narratives. Our Analysis and Insights Services are offered alongside any subscription or integration.

Our team collaborates with organizations across industries from government agencies and universities to nonprofits and commercial firms. We have extensive experience in conceptualizing data related to a variety of topics such as health, housing, and poverty – to name just a few.

Previous clients have relied on PolicyMap’s Analysis and Insights Services team to:

  • Identify the right combination of data for their project and choose visuals that will make it easiest for their audience to understand and engage with the data.
  • Understand local conditions and underlying market dynamics to help target their strategies accordingly
  • Create targeted maps so they can hone in on the select areas that align with their priorities
  • Upload their own data, including local investments, assets, or portfolios to analyze their potential
  • Publish compelling customized dashboards that inspire, persuade, and motivate

Let Us Help You Drive Change And Inspire Policy

Our Analysis and Insights Services team is available for assistance and guidance whenever questions arise.

We have the creative and analytical talent required to tell compelling, data-driven stories. To learn more about working with our innovative and dynamic team, fill in the form below. We can help you contextualize data and communicate why it matters and what actions to take.