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Whether you’re a retailer looking to expand, a healthcare provider seeking optimal locations for new facilities, a supermarket chain hoping to fill in a food desert, or a real estate developer scouting for investment opportunities, PolicyMap offers the data and tools you need to make informed choices and gain a competitive edge.

Optimize Your Site Selection Processes

With accurate data and actionable insights, your organization can outsmart the competition.

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How PolicyMap Helps

By leveraging PolicyMap’s robust data and mapping capabilities, organizations can make smarter, more informed decisions when selecting sites. Whether opening a new store, launching a healthcare facility, or developing a commercial property, our platform equips you with the insights needed to identify high-potential locations and mitigate risks.

Market Understanding

PolicyMap’s data provides insights into local market dynamics, including demographics and economic trends. Understanding these factors helps businesses identify areas with high demand for their products or services.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Data on transportation networks, walkability, and infrastructure helps businesses evaluate the ease of reaching potential sites for both customers and suppliers. This is crucial for ensuring efficient operations and logistics.

Financial Analysis

Data on property values, rental rates, and vacancies helps businesses evaluate the financial viability of potential locations. This information is essential for budgeting, forecasting, and making informed investment decisions.

Determine Tax Eligibility

Research eligibility criteria for tax credits or incentives offered through the Inflation Reduction Act or other legislation. This may include indicators such as job creation, clean energy investments, or specific industry targets. By identifying the qualifying locations, organizations can tailor their strategies to maximize their eligibility for tax credits.

Risk Assessment

Data enables businesses to assess various risks associated with potential locations, such as natural disasters, crime rates, and environmental hazards. Understanding these risks helps businesses mitigate potential challenges and ensure the safety and security of their operations.

Stop Wrangling. Start Analyzing.

For many organizations, curating authoritative geographic data is inefficient and inconvenient. Data must be gathered from hundreds of vendors with varied formats. Hiring resources with specialized knowledge and technical skills is an expensive, long-term investment.

Rather than collecting and updating data, why not focus on gleaning insights to stimulate discussions? With PolicyMap, the data is instantly ready for integration and analysis. We eliminate the need for users to scour multiple platforms, saving time and effort in data collection.

All the data you need for site selection, all in one place

Our unified placed-based ecosystem includes data aggregated from over 150 authoritative public and proprietary data sources. We curate and standardize +75,000 indicators, and guarantee you have the most current and accurate information available with the greatest national coverage at the local level.

Integrate data from disparate sources for more effective site evaluation

PolicyMap offers robust data integration capabilities, allowing users to combine multiple datasets and analyze them together. Our mapping platform’s multi-layer mapping functionality enables users to work with diverse datasets in a unified environment seamlessly.

Visualizations to support geospatial analysis and location assessment

PolicyMap’s mapping platform allows enterprises to focus on spatial analysis, providing additional insights and context to the data beyond what can be gleaned from a spreadsheet or table. The platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for advanced GIS analysis. Many of our customers have subscriptions to other GIS platforms but choose PolicyMap for the benefit of their less technical stakeholders.

Geographic data licensing for location intelligence

We are a single vendor offering unparalleled data quantity and quality and effortless integration with tools like Tableau and workflows using SQL, R, Python, etc.

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Whether venturing into traditional retail or experiential spaces, accessing the right data and utilizing advanced software for analysis becomes paramount in making informed decisions that align with consumer preferences and market demands. Learn how businesses can use PolicyMap to position themselves for success, with data-driven site selection.

Identify Incentivized Locations for Solar, Wind, and EV Charging Facilities

When it comes to energy and climate change, the Inflation Reduction Act sets forth a series of incentives and direct investments for projects designed to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy innovation, and support underserved communities. As a result, a number of these incentives are designed to support clean energy investments in very specific low-income communities around the country. PolicyMap can help make the identification of these places simpler.

Licensing Reliable Data for Site Selection through PolicyMap

Access data via our data API or license flat files. Choose whether you want our data to feed directly onto your maps or tables. Or request flat files to integrate data into your own analytics.

The Best Data for Site Selection

The quality of your decisions depends on the quality of your data. PolicyMap blends economic, demographic, and neighborhood data to help organizations identify the best location for business. With over 75,000 indicators at your fingertips, dig deep into local markets and uncover insights that drive success.

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Population, race and ethnicity, age, sex, languages, foreign-born, migration and immigration, households, families, homelessness, elections, religion

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Incomes & Spending

Incomes, poverty, tax returns, federal benefits, bankruptcies, housing burdens, consumer spending, medical spending

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Home sales, rents, building permits, residential & commercial vacancy, subsidized households, public housing, LIHTC

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Mortgage originations, government-insured loans, refinance loans, mortgages by race, ethnicity, income, bank branches, credit unions, Historic Lending Boundaries

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Quality of Life

Crime, broadband access, public transportation access, food access, farmers’ markets, environmental hazards, libraries, museums, parks, disaster risk

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Jobs, unemployment, wages, small business, employment, workforce characteristics, oil and gas production

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School enrollment, educational attainment, graduation rates, school performance, cost of college, student loan debt, school locations, college locations, Head Start locations

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Infectious diseases, opioid use, chronic conditions, access to health care, health insurance, health risk factors, federal health programs, health facility locations, food access

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Federal Guidelines

NMTC eligibility & investments, Opportunity Zones, persistent poverty, CDBG eligibility, housing opportunity index, CRA eligible areas, SBA HUB Zones, Promise Zones

Data available through PolicyMap is authoritative and current.

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PolicyMap has data essential for successful site selection. Equipped with precise data and practical insights, your organization can exceed growth goals and surpass competitors.

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