Publish Dashboards

Understand more about your data. Uncover more meaningful answers. Inspire others to dig deeper and take action. PolicyMap subscribers can instantly run community profiles, health reports, housing reports, and mortgage reports for a community or a custom area.

Inform With A Glance

Dashboards are essential reporting tools. They communicate critical information to staff, stakeholders, and sometimes your community. PolicyMap dashboards and reports enable users to transform place-based data into intuitive and interactive visualizations.

Answer Deep Questions With Data

Maps are great visualization tools. They allow you to see what life is like in a neighborhood and explore communities. Dashboards help you dig deeper into your data, offering faster, more meaningful answers.

Simplify And Accelerate Decision Making

Alongside our maps, dashboards help identify key data points and present compelling and interactive visualizations. They simplify interpreting and integrating data so you and your team can develop powerful, comprehensive strategies.

Let’s Talk Dashboards.

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Community Profile

Get up-to-date information on population, racial composition, age, income and workforce.

Community Health Report

Get information about the health, demographics and conditions of a community. Currently available for counties and census tracts.

Rental Housing Report

Get rents by bedroom size, income and affordability data.

Home Mortgage Report

Get a summary of the number, typical amount, and type of home mortgages originated, including high-cost lending activity and high interest loans by race.

Custom Dashboards

Work with our Analysis & Insights Service team to generate custom reports and dashboards for your staff, stakeholders, or community.