Import & Visualize Your Data

Searching for a way to visualize your own location data? Subscribers can import their geographic data, view it on a map, and overlay PolicyMap data. No programming or GIS skills needed with our easy to use Data Uploader.

Build A Data Story With The Data Uploader

We believe that the thousands of indicators in our platform can complement your data, so we made visualizing external data alongside PolicyMap data simple.

Uploading data allows you to map your organization’s investments, relate them to other data analytics, see how neighborhoods have changed in the places where you’ve made investments, see where future investments might make sense, and share this information with related parties.

PolicyMap Tutorial: Using the Spreadsheet Data Loader

Effortlessly Transition From Spreadsheet To Map

PolicyMap subscribers can create unique address-level datasets to overlay on top of PolicyMap’s thousands of data layers or to share with others.

To geocode an address, there are a few requirements. In order for the Data Uploader to locate an address, imported datasets must include an address, city, state, or zip. A list of latitudes and longitudes will work as well. All other columns and data in the spreadsheet are customizable.

When your file is ready, simply upload by importing your spreadsheet. The connection is safe and encrypted. Once your data is imported, represent your addresses with unique icons. Choose the shape, size and color. Subscribers can revisit and edit a dataset at anytime.

Share And Manage Data Access

There are a few options for sharing a dataset. You can make a dataset available to the public, accessible to all subscribers from the maps page. You can share with individual subscribers via a link sent to their email. You can also make your dataset private, so that it will not be seen by any others inside or outside of your organization.

Learn More About The Data Uploader

Fill in the form below to receive more information about the Data Uploader tool. We know that data can be fussy, so please know our Analysis and Insights Service Team is available for help on complex projects as well.


Actively working on a project? If you have questions or need some additional help, please reach out to our customer success team at any time. We also offer trainings every week, you can register here.