A Closer Look: 2009 Q4 Wrap-up for Home Sales

Despite the struggling economy, the oceanside housing market showed admirable strength in the last quarter of 2009. Zip code 11937, located in The Hamptons, showed the greatest volume of sales at $796,525,999.00. With a median home sale price of $945,000 and a none-too-shabby 691 sales, 11937 seemed to weather the financial crisis with finesse for the close of 2009. This housing market performance in The Hamptons was tailed closely by the shore homes of Waikiki, for which zip code 96815 boasted a volume of $694,176,291. Although the median home sale price there was a bit lower, at $380,000, Waikiki’s number of sales ranked 9th in the nation at 1,147 for the fourth quarter, accounting for its impressive dollar volume.

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