County-level unemployment data for Oct 2009

Preliminary county-level unemployment data for October 2009 is now available on PolicyMap. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is higher than it was a year ago in all 372 metropolitan areas across the country. Nationally the average for November declined .2 percent from the previous month but remains a hefty 10 percent. While President Obama considers federal jobs legislation, log in to PolicyMap to see how your county is faring.

The latest unemployment data for October is also now available on our first free widget. Just embed the code below to bring an interactive unemployment map to your website. If you downloaded the code last month, the widget automatically updates to the newest month of data.

Your visitors can zoom in, pan around, and click on any area of the map to see the underlying unemployment statistics for any county in the nation. They can also toggle between months and years to see values for previous periods of time going all the way back to 2000. The darker shades on the map are counties with higher rates or numbers of unemployed persons. Below is how the widget will look and interact.

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