A Closer Look: Single-Sex Census Tracts

You may recall a little while ago, we looked at the top 10 census tracts in the country in terms of percentage male and female. If you don’t remember what was unique about many of these tracts, these might jog your memory:

Those census tracts were in Chemung County, NY, and Clarendon County, SC, respectively. As you can see, these tracts are the sites of prisons, presumably holding only men. If you look closer at the Elmyra Correctional Facility, you can see that Google Maps blurs the image, presumably to hinder someone researching an escape attempt:

This was how we figured out why these census tracts were predominantly male. Now, you too can refer to the aerial images to gain further insight into areas you’re looking at. Here are a few more images of top 10 percent male census tracts:

Kern County, CA Victorville, San Bernardino County, CA

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