Free interactive Unemployment Widget for Websites

Do you want to add unique interactive maps to your websites or forums? Have you noticed the interactive maps in our blog posts? With PolicyMap, we give you the ability to easily generate embedded maps.

All subscribers have the ability to create an embedded map on PolicyMap and then use the provided HTML code to post on their own websites or blogs. Read more about how to generate embedded maps here (Embed Maps)

We have also created many custom widgets that deliver specific dataset(s). Like the embedded maps, widget are fully interactive maps. Unlike the embedded maps, widgets contain many indicators of data and have features like printing maps, boundary overlays, or even downloading data. Check out some of our free widgets below and add them to your website today

  • BLS Unemployment Data
  • Uninsured and Healthcare related jobs
  • New American Community Survey (ACS) data
  • Retail-Based Health-Care data

Don’t have an account to PolicyMap? Register today for free. If you have any questions or need help adding our interactive maps to your webpage or blog, contact us at