Back to school with PolicyMap

It’s back to school for many students, schools, and universities.

9-3-2013 4-24-34 PMFor universities looking to offer a truly unique tool to students, check out our Library Site License option. A site license will give ALL students and faculty in the university’s network access to all of PolicyMap.

Universities are right now using PolicyMap in a variety of schools and curriculum, such as social sciences, urban planning, public policy and business administration. It allows them to focus on analyzing data – not collecting it or learning how to use expensive mapping software.

Contact us for a free trial, or sign up for a free trial here. Join hundreds of universities in trialing the PolicyMap site license today or read how current universities are using PolicyMap in our Client Stories page, like the University of Pennsylvania below:

University of Pennsylvania Library: Offering students the ability to immediately visualize and analyze tens of thousands of indicators. (Library Site License)

“Policy Map, a recent addition to the Penn Library website, is a great resource to go to for up-to-date demographic data.”
Sharon Black, Librarian at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

University libraries like the University of Pennsylvania subscribe to provide their library users with all of the tools and data available in PolicyMap.

“I’ve found that PolicyMap is a very effective tool in transforming students from research consumers to research producers. In the past, my introductory research class students became discouraged before they could produce results. I asked students to use PolicyMap to tell me some distinctive qualities of their own neighborhood, they were on the site and producing maps and analyses very quickly.”
Mark Stern, Professor of Social Welfare and History; Co-Director, Urban Studies program University of Pennsylvania