Census Down. PolicyMap Up.

we'reopenThe United States Federal Government is shut down. Federal employees are furloughed. National Parks are closed. The National Zoo’s Panda Cam is offline.

And the Census Bureau website is down.

But there’s good news: PolicyMap is up, and it’s now the place to go for Census data while the government is shut down.

PolicyMap has always been the simplest, most comprehensive source for geographic data. Now, we’re proud to provide a helping hand, offering the Census’s data while they can’t. And it’s not just the Census: Data sites are down at the CDC, USDA, BEA, National Center for Education Statistics, NOAA, and, yes, National Park Service. PolicyMap continues to provide data from all these sources (plus plenty more).

We may not be able to offer ranger hikes in Yosemite or run the Mars Curiosity Rover, but PolicyMap always has the data you need, all in one place, no matter what Congress does (or doesn’t do).