City Council announces new CSI mapping tool

Last night Philadelphia City Council hosted a public stakeholder discussion on its new Community Sustainability Initiative (CSI). The public meeting showcased City Council’s new mapping tool — powered by PolicyMap! — to describe the initiative and invite community feedback and response. The event was hosted at WHYY and went from 6-8pm. It was a lively session with lots of questions and feedback from the audience.

The goal of Philly CSI is to make every neighborhood in Philadelphia a neighborhood of choice, and Council is working with The Reinvestment Fund’s Policy Solutions team to develop a series of indexes that reflect the quality of life such as attractive amenities, quality schools, housing stability, economic prosperity and crime. Last night Policy Solutions President, Ira Goldstein, presented the first iteration of these indexes with a  live demo of the CSI tool.

We are very excited that City Council is using PolicyMap to take their initiative to the public. Look out for a series of community and neighborhood meetings throughout the City on this initiative to check out the tool and give your feedback.