Clear your cache if you are having problems

PolicyMap has recently updated one of our larger datasets, Claritas/Nielsen. If you have previously saved a map with 2009/2014 Claritas data, you still are be able to access the saved map images from My PolicyMap by selecting the download images for PDF, PNG, and JPEG. If you select the link to open on PolicyMap, the map will automatically update to the 2010/2015 Claritas data.

We’ve had reports from some users that the thematic map tiles for saved maps which originally had 2009/2014 Claritas data are not loading and showing a blank map. This could be caused by the cache in the computer and just needs to be cleared out.

Here are two easy ways to clear your cache:

    For most browsers, you can simply hold the CRTL key down and press your F5 key. Your screen should refresh and the thematic map should load. This will delete the cache for the current map and allow the new 2010/2015 thematic maps to load.
    If the first step did not work, you might need to clear the cache through your browser options. Here is a great wiki on most browser types and versions and the steps to clear the cache. (Click Here)

For more information or help, please contact us at or (866) 923-MAPS.

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