Did you know… (Data Points Filters)

Welcome to our series on helpful tips for PolicyMap. With over 10,000 indicators of data and many features, we hope our series can help users better utilize PolicyMap. For a complete training, please join a free online session here: Click Here

Did you know after loading a Data Points dataset from the data menus, users can use the filter feature to show only address(es) that match a specific indicator.

Data Points (Learn more about Data Points here) – To use the filter option, select the filter button in the Data Points legend, then select the indicator you want to filter by. Use the filters option to show only address(es) that match a specific filter or even color code. For example, if you load Lending > Bank Branches, you can then choose to filter and show only full service branch locations.

DataPoints-Filters(Note: not all point datasets will have filter options so look for the icon)

Data Points FiltersDataPoints-MultiFiltersIf a point (address level) dataset has multiple indicators, users can then select multiple filters. Another example would be if you load the Housing > HUD Multifamily dataset and open the Info Bubble, you will see multiple tabs with lots of data for each multifamily site. Most of the indicators for each locations can be used as filters allowing users to find a specific group of addresses. So with the HUD Multifamily data, users can select to show addresses with a “Contract Status” of active AND an “Owner Company Type” of non-profit. The map will now only show address that match the two indicators. Select the X symbol in the legend to remove any filters added.


Color Code All Filter – this option will display each address by specific color and each color will represent a type of data for the indicator selected. For example, load Health > Hospitals and select the “color code all” option for Faculty Type. This will now show each type of facility by their colors shown in the Add Sites legend; orange are Childrens, white is Short Term, green is Long Term, etc.

(Color Code All allows add site locations to be distinguished by )

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