Did you know… (Custom Regions)

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Did you know subscribers can draw custom regions to aggregate data in reports and tables, and then quickly share those custom regions with any other subscribers? Custom regions allow a subscriber to draw their own boundaries that might not fit with pre-defined geographies.  Custom regions can cross county lines, zip codes, census tract, and more.  Users can aggregate data within a custom region in reports and tables, or add custom boundaries to maps and Analytics.

  • To use the feature, click “Build Custom Region” in the bar below the map.  Read the instructions that appear and click OK to continue.

Build A Custom Region

  • Your mouse pointer will appear as crosshairs. Build Custom Region - Pointer
  • To begin drawing the boundaries of your desired region, click the map to create the corners of your custom region.  The grey line that appears now shows the boundary.  You can pan around the map by holding down the left mouse button while building a custom region.  Close the custom region by clicking on the first point again.
  • Once you close your custom region, enter a name and an optional description then select Save.  Saved custom regions will be available in My PolicyMap.

Build Custom Region Saved Region

  • Custom regions saved in your MyPolicyMap section can be retrieved into maps, tables, reports, or shared with other subscribers.

Saved Custom Regions

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