Did you know… (New Print Function)

Welcome to our series on helpful tips for PolicyMap. With over 10,000 indicators of data and many features, we hope our series can help users better utilize PolicyMap. For a complete training, please join a free online session here: Click Here

Did you know that printouts for maps, tables, and reports will no longer email you a copy? We have eliminated the process of sending a copy of a printout to your email address, and instead, have created an alert that will appear once your printout is ready to download. This saves the time it takes for us to send you a copy and you can continue to work while the printout is generated.

You still have the same options when printing; change the map name, what print formats you would like, have the map display in landscape or portrait, and even what is shaded on the printout. Printouts are still saved in your My PolicyMap page to be able to download again.

After you set the options for your printout and select the Print button, our system will take a moment to generate your printouts and an alert box (like the one below) will appear on top of your map, table, or analytic.

Select “Click Here” to download each format of printout you selected and “close” when you are done. A copy of all printouts are saved in your My PolicyMap page, which can be access in the upper right corner. Just select the corresponding color icons for each print type (blue = JEPG, green = PNG, and orange = PDF)

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The PolicyMap Team

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