Did You Know… (Table Feature)

Welcome to our series on helpful tips for PolicyMap. With over 4,000 indicators of data and many features, we hope our weekly tips can help users better utilize PolicyMap. For a complete training, please join a free online session here: Click Here

Did you know the Table feature allows you to compare data layers across various geographies. To use the table feature; click on the Table button, choose a data layer and then simply add locations, one at a time, in the address bar. Locations can be any common geography; zip code, city, county, state, or census tract.

Tables Overview

Once you have added your locations to compare, you can use the Add Data Layer feature to compare over 4,000 indicators of data on PolicyMap.

Tables Legend

Similar to the Map feature, the Legend allows you to toggle (if available) between years, variables, and even see the trends across years.  All created tables can be save for later use, or printed to add to your presentation.

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The PolicyMap Team