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December 2008 UpdateNow on PolicyMap!

New Features:

  • Embed Your Own Map: Posting a data rich map to your website or blog has never been easier. The embedded map serves as a live link to the actual map on PolicyMap, which provides additional details such as a complete legend and details on the data used. The embed feature is available to all PolicyMap subscribers. Once you create a map you want, all you have to do is click on the “embed” button, copy the html code provided, paste it into your own website and you are done! Read more.
  • Bigger, Better Maps: Creating PDFs and JPEGs of your custom maps to incorporate into your own presentations and reports never looked better. PolicyMap now offers full-page printing and the ability to choose between printing in landscape or portrait. We’ve tried hard to make what you see in your printed material mirror what you are seeing on the screen you’ve created. They’ll look great in your presentations and proposals. Check it out here
  • Map Options: Customize your map by turning off the parks, water and landuse areas or by adding state legislative
    boundaries to you map. Find these options and more under the Map Options tab in the bottom right of your map.
  • Improved Census Tract Search: PolicyMap got smarter and can better help you find the census tract you need in a map, table or report.

New and Updated Data:

  • Jobs: Find the latest job information from County Business Patterns. You’ll now have access to job information for 2006 and for those years going back to 2003. Find this under the Jobs tab in Add Data Layer menu. Available for free to registered users.
  • Home Sales: Annual home sale statistics for 2007 are now available down to the block group level. Track the change in home sales and median prices at the block group level annually from 2000 through 2007; and quarterly from Q1 2007 through Q1 2008 at the census tract level. Find this under the Real Estate Analysis tab in the Add Data Layer menu. Available to subscribers only.
  • Fair Market Rents: Find the latest 2009 FMRs from HUD. Find this under the Owners and Renters tab in the Add Data Layer menu. Available for free to registered users.

Seasons Greetings!

Here at TRF’s PolicyMap, we wish you a healthy and peaceful new year. We look forward to helping you with your data and mapping needs in 2009. Look for health insurance coverage data, home sale statistics for Q2 2008 and even more customizable mapping tools in January! Improved functionality comes from feedback by our PolicyMap users, so please send your suggestions to pmap@policymap.com.

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