Gearing Up for GGRF: Strategy, Compliance, & Success Webinar

PolicyMap’s robust data and mapping analytics offer invaluable support for the strategic deployment of funds associated with the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund including CCIA, NCIF, and Solar for All – ensuring program compliance. By leveraging PolicyMap’s 170+ public and proprietary datasets and advanced mapping capabilities including multilayered maps, users can gain critical insights into the socio-economic landscape, environmental factors, infrastructure needs, and demographic trends within targeted regions. Users can also easily upload a bulk list of their active or potential project locations and visualize them on a map instantly.

Join PolicyMap CEO and Founder Maggie McCullough as she demonstrates the power of PolicyMap’s data, mapping, and reporting tools. Learn how PolicyMap empowers decision-makers to allocate funds effectively, navigate regulatory requirements such as J40, and achieve heightened outcomes, all while maintaining transparency and accountability.

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