Supermarket Access in Lower-Income Areas

The Brookings Institution worked with The Reinvestment Fund to expand the Fresh Food Finance Initiative study to 10 other metro areas. Here is Brookings’ release including a great video from Alan Berube.

The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) performed a detailed analysis of supermarket access in 10 metro areas, and the results are discussed in a new video, "Getting to Market."

Results from the analysis are also viewable in TRF’s PolicyMap widget, so that users can view the locations of, and generate reports about, low-supermarket-access communities within the 10 metro areas.  This is a highly useful tool for those working at the national and local levels to tackle the problem of inadequate access through public policy and private investment.  You can also access these data alongside any of PolicyMap’s 10,000 data indicators and full functionality at

Read the complete report here at the Brookings Institution Price Is Wrong: Getting the Market Right.

TRF has made available a nationwide analysis communities at Limited Supermarket Access.

If you want to share the widget PolicyMap has created for the Brookings Institution. Copy and paste the HTML code below onto your website.

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For more information on The Reinvestment Fund, the Fresh Food Finance Initiative, or PolicyMap please contact us at or (866) 923-MAPS.

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