Happy Holidays from TRF’s PolicyMap!

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Happy Holidays from TRF’s PolicyMap!

Perhaps your grant proposals were more compelling.

Perhaps you better understood the market dynamics in neighborhoods you care about.

Perhaps you were able to share key geographic information with others in your field.

Whatever your use, we hope PolicyMap made your work this year a little simpler, a little more efficient and a lot more powerful.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and New Year from the team at TRF’s PolicyMap.

PolicyMap Holiday Message
(Please click the image to watch our holiday message)

Already thinking about the New Year and what you’ll see on PolicyMap in January?

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) for 2009. Check out how key dynamics like high-interest lending or government-insured loans changed over the last few years. You’ll find the 2009 update in Lending Activity in the Add Data Layer menu.

American Community Survey (ACS) for 2005-2009. This much anticipated data was released by the Census Bureau earlier this week, giving the nation a first glimpse of how life, all the way down to the block group, has changed since 2000. We’ll be releasing a key set of these indicators at the Census tract level first, and then rolling out everything for all geographies and the nation in February and March.

As always, we will be pushing out updates to the quarterly sales data from Boxwood Means, the monthly unemployment figures, the quarterly vacancy rates from the Postal Service and more.

Check our blog for the latest updates, and stay on top of all that is available.

Visit PolicyMap today and keep the questions, feedback and ideas coming. We love hearing from you!


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