Happy New Year and Happy Cycling!

As we slowly recover from our holiday lethargy and settle back into our routine, let us take a moment to encourage everyone that it is never too early to start to make good on those New Year’s resolutions. Before you rush out and buy that gym membership, may we suggest some new winter gloves, a neck warmer, and a new helmet, instead? You’ve no doubt noticed all the bike lanes and bike racks cropping up all over the place. So, while it’s easy to join the mass of fair-weather bikers come springtime, you can get a head start by getting in the saddle today (or tomorrow, no pressure). And while it may be 28 degrees outside, I counted at least 10 bikes outside the office this morning (my own included). Go spend some of that holiday bonus at your local bike shop and gear up for some winter riding. After all, biking to work is the ultimate resolution: health, fitness, environment, local economy, community camaraderie… the list goes on. Plus, that fresh air every morning just might keep you from developing cabin fever over the next few months. If you’re not already out the door and on your bike, have a look at the map below, displaying bike commuters across the country. The estimates come from the Census’ American Community Survey (ACS) data for modes of transportation, which you can find under the “Neighborhood Conditions” tab on PolicyMap. If you flip through the other modes of transit you’ll see that areas across the South and Midwest are most car-dependent, whereas the Western states and New England have a more diverse mix of biking, walking, and taking public transit to work. From all of us at PolicyMap, Happy New Year, and Happy Cycling!