Help… (Address & City Formatting)

If you are having problems finding an address on PolicyMap, here are some suggestions.
For our example, we will use:

718 Arch Street, Suite 300N, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Here are suggested ways you could enter the address

    1. 718 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
    2. 718 Arch Street 19106
    3. 718 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA
    4. 718 Arch St, 19106

Finally, we recommend the following points when searching for an address:

  • If you have a zip code for an address; always use it in the search
  • Do not include apartment, suite, or floor information
  • State names can always be abbreviated
  • Streets, avenues, boulevards, etc should also be abbreviated
  • If you are searching for a city or county, make sure you add the state and do not abbreviate the city name.
    • e.g. Philadelphia, PA

If you are having problems finding city on PolicyMap, here are some suggestions.

  • Some cities in an address will not match the zip code.  Search with just the address and zip code to find what the city its
    • e.g. Silver Springs, MD 20910 is recognized as Unincorporated Montgomery County, MD
  • Search without the city designation
    • e.g. Pueblo City, Co should be Pueblo, CO