HMDA 2012 Data Now Available on PolicyMap

With the arrival of the 2012 update to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, or HMDA, data on PolicyMap, we get to check out the latest information available about the performance of the mortgage market.  In 2012, originations rose modestly, with a 54% increase in refinance loans.  Looking at origination trends charts over the past years, the market seems to be tentatively rebounding from the mortgage market crisis of 2007-2009.

One technical note is that the 2012 data is available at the 2010 Census boundaries for the first time.  All previous years of data are available at the 2000 Census boundaries.  Thus, percent change calculations required a bridge table in order to make geographic comparisons between 2012 and previous years, which PolicyMap has provided, using the same methodology we used for Census 2010 and Census American Community Survey data.

We hope you’ll enjoy a few new indicators we’ve made available this year, in our Maps, Tables and 3-Layer Maps.  These include: percent changes for high-cost and prime loans since 2010 and loans by income categories and tract income categories.  You’ll see these indicators and our FHA lending data in our HMDA report in the next few weeks.  Be sure to contact us with any questions about these new indicators or any of the 2012 data; we love discussing the details and the usefulness of HMDA data!