January 2010 Updates

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New for January on PolicyMap! PolicyMap rolls out new features and datasets this month and next. See what is new for January and what to expect in February.

Features and Tools

The Widget: Already we’ve improved our widget – the iframe code that allows you to quickly and easily embed interactive maps on your own website – by giving your visitors the ability to search for a location. This new Search feature allows your visitors to take the map to an address, census tract, zip code, city or county, congressional district, school district, MSA or other local political district quickly – and then overlay data onto the map. Our free widget – the national unemployment map – now comes with this search feature. The code to embed on your website is here and can be found, along with more information, on our blog.

<iframe src="/widget.jsp?userid=892&wid=4&height=500&i=9841103&btd=4&nomenus=true&search=true" width="100%" height="635px" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" vspace="0" hspace="0" name="PolicyMap"></iframe>

As soon as new data is available, we update it for www.policymap.com and for all subscribers’ widgets.

"Smart" Polygons: A number of subscribers send us data related to a particular community, not just an address. These can be investments a foundation is making in a neighborhood or areas being targeted for intervention through the NSP. We load these areas in as "polygons" so the area being served is outlined and clickable (just like an address) revealing what the subscriber is undertaking in that community. These polygons are now "smart," meaning a subscriber can generate a report for that area simply by clicking See Report in the info bubble.

Smart Polygons


Library Licenses: We are about to sign on our first University Library as a subscriber to PolicyMap! This subscription gives all authorized library users unlimited access to PolicyMap for their school and research work. If you know of library that might be interested, just have them contact us at pmap@policymap.com.

Recent data updates include:

Home Sale Statistics: PolicyMap now contains home sale statistics through June 2009 (Qtr 2). This home sale data allows you to drill down into neighborhoods across the country and see how many homes sold and the median sales price for every quarter starting in 2007. Annual home sale data is also available as far back as 2000.

This data is only available to subscribers and can be found under the Real Estate Analysis tab on the Add Data Layer menu.

Monthly Unemployment from the BLS: Check out the latest October and November 2009 employment, unemployment, and labor force data for states, counties, metropolitan areas, and many cities, by place of residence. This data is updated monthly on PolicyMap and is available back through the year 2000.

Users can find this data for free under the Jobs and Economy tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

Coming in February!

You’ll find new ways to create custom regions, gain the ability to see multiple custom regions on a map at the same time (or compare those areas in a single chart), save points that interest you in Analytics and see national numbers in both the tables and maps.

New:  Non-contiguous custom regions

Non-Contiguos Custom Region.jpg

New:  Custom Region by Radius

Custom Region by Radius.jpg

You’ll also see some new and interesting data in PolicyMap including single-family and multi-family building permits (updated monthly), drive times to work, population per square mile, religious affiliations and presidential voting patterns.

Coming Soon!

And, finally, it is with great anticipation that we look forward to bringing you PolicyMap 3.0 in November. You’ll see a host of improvements to the site which we are excited to share. We will be launching the first phase of a data loader so you can publish address level data to the site on your own, sharing it as you choose. Stay tuned!

Visit our blog to see a clip of Dan Rather using PolicyMap!


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