June Data News – IRS Tax Information


“Are you generous (and make charitable contributions)? Do you care about the environment (and claim the residential energy tax credit)? How much do you earn?”

You probably shouldn’t ask a blind date for their income tax returns, but you should check out income tax data for ZIP codes on PolicyMap. Find out where working families are claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit and where homeowners are benefitting from the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction, or check out the many other tax return indicators. This data was previously subscriber-only, but thanks to the IRS, it is now available free to all of our users! Read more →

Mapping the Way to Fair Housing and Environmental Justice: John Henneberger and TX Housers
mapping fair housing
Watch the 5/27 recording to learn how the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service uses maps in their everyday work to address housing inequities and environmental justice concerns.

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