Mapping the Way to Wisdom

Maggie McCullough, our tireless leader and the person who first conceived of PolicyMap, has been featured in the Heron Foundation’s Influencer Series. The Series is called “Mapping the Way to Wisdom” and describes how people use PolicyMap to get data about the places they work in and care about. Maggie also talks about the inspiration for PolicyMap and what motivates our team here to do what we do everyday.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Success to me is seeing Policy Map in use by cities across the countries, multiple agencies, using it, thinking about where they’re making investments in a neighborhood so that they can all achieve their end goals more simply so that they’re strategically thinking about their work in neighborhoods. So at the end of the day they can begin to see more people coming out of poverty, more kids attending good schools, better public transportations at the right place.”

Have you ever wanted to know a bit more about how and why we made PolicyMap? Click here to read more and watch a short video.