March Mapness Is Here!

It’s March Mapness time! As Harvard celebrates its advancement to the second round of the basketball tournament, it’s the perfect opportunity to give a special salute of encouragement to the schools in the round of 64 who are also PolicyMap subscribers. Nine teams in the tournament have university site licenses: Harvard, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Syracuse, New Mexico, Michigan State, Arizona, American, and the University of Massachusetts. And, an additional five are currently engaged in a PolicyMap trial subscription! So, altogether, nearly a quarter of the teams have access to PolicyMap data and analysis through their universities!

Undoubtedly, these teams have succeeded because of their emphasis on location awareness, both on the court and in the world.

If your school is interested in giving your students the opportunity to learn how to analyze data without having to collect it or use expensive geospatial mapping software, email us at about signing up for a free PolicyMap site license trial today!

Good luck to the Orange, the Bruins, the Lobos, the Panthers, and all the other university teams that also love online data and mapping!