New on PolicyMap for July 2009

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PolicyMap is a CNET Webware Winner!| July 2009

In this update
  • IRS Statistics from the Brookings Institution
  • Nonprofit Locations Nationwide
  • Public Libraries Locations
  • Unemployment Data for 2008
  • TRF’s Neighborhood Income Distribution Analysis
  • 50% AMI at the Census Tract level

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In The News

Conor Dougherty, the writer of yesterday’s WSJ story on the foreclosure responses in a Philadelphia neighborhood, used PolicyMap as a resource to understand the neighborhood’s demographics and real estate market.

Read the full article from the Wall Street Journal

New on PolicyMap this Month!

IRS Statistics from the Brookings Institution:

We have new IRS statistics from The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings. Get detailed information regarding tax returns including where tax filers claimed the education tax credit, student loan interest deductions, child care expenses as well as the extent to which EITC recipients made use of other credits and deductions. Explore by city, county, metropolitan area, state, state legislative district or congressional district for 2000-2006 data.

Find the Brookings data under the Money & Income tab in the Add Data Layer menu. View data at varied geographies by changing the “shade by” option in the legend.

New Point Indicators

Non-Profit Locations from the Urban Institute:

Find non-profit organizations nationwide and learn about both their purpose and their finances as reported to the IRS for 2007. This data comes from the National Center for Charitable Statistics at The Urban Institute – a national clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States.

Subscribers can find these under the Add Sites menu on PolicyMap. Once loaded, click on any point for information about the organization.

Public Libraries:

You can now add public library locations to your maps and download lists of libraries for any geography. Originally from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), PolicyMap thanks the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center (FREAC) of Florida State University (FSU) for this geocoded library file.

Libraries can be found under the Add Sites menu and are available for free on PolicyMap. Once loaded, just click on any point for more information about the library.

Unemployment Rate for 2008:

Annual unemployment rates for counties, states, selected cities, and metro areas from 2000 through 2008 are now available. Check out this data, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), on both the maps and charts to see how unemployment rates compare and track across the nation.

Find this data for FREE under the Jobs & Economy tab.

TRF’s Neighborhood Income Distribution Analysis:

PolicyMap is increasingly a source for data and for analytics. Check out the new income analysis TRF recently completed. The analysis categorizes census tracts across the nation as one of nine “income concentration” types based both on the tract’s typical income (as of 2007) and the distribution of incomes within a census tract. The colors on the map indicate the typical income in a place, while the saturation of the color indicates the concentration of those income types. The darkest orange areas are, for example, places where virtually all residents are low income – also known as areas of poverty concentration.

PolicyMap provides this analysis for free in the State & Local Tab under the Add Data Layer menu. For more information on this calculation, refer to our Data Directory and click through the slide show on our blog.

50% Area Median Income for use in your NSP Application:

HUD’s 50% of AMI calculations (as of FY09) for 1 to 8 person families are now available for census tracts nationwide.

Find this data under the State & Local tab in the Add Data Layer menu. You’ll see it under NSP2.

Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks, you’ll see new tools for assembling custom regions and new printing options. We’ll offer updated home sale data (taking you through the end of 2008) as well as updated Claritas estimates and projections, and monthly – not just annual – unemployment data from BLS. The next analytical measure will be a new “proximity to good schools” indicator.

If you haven’t used PolicyMap’s new Analytics feature, check out our online demo or sign up for a 30-day free trial. It is a technological breakthrough that can make a lot of your early analysis and exploration almost instantaneous. As always, call or email with questions or ideas. We love to hear from you and would love to highlight how you are using PolicyMap to do your work.

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