New on PolicyMap for May 2009

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New on PolicyMap for May

In this update:
  • PolicyMap 2.0 – Analytics
  • Stimulus Dollars Mapped
  • Proximity to Transit Mapped
  • CNET Awards Update
  • 30-Day Trial

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Did you know? The Tables page allows you to compare data layers across various geographies. To use the table feature: click on the Table button, choose a data layer and then simply add locations, one at a time, in the address bar. Locations can be any common geography: zip code, city, county, state, or census tract. Learn more in our series: Did you know.

We have released PolicyMap 2.0. The new Analytics feature is now available to subscribers! This revolutionary neighborhood search tool will allow you to find neighborhoods that match up to 3 criteria on a map and generate a list of resulting places. Use the tool to answer an endless number of questions such as:

“Where are neighborhoods with low educational attainment rates and low household incomes, but close to mass transit?”

“Where are high poverty areas in close proximity to a mass transit stop and in good school districts?”

“Where are older homes in low vacancy areas that might be most in need of weatherization assistance?”

This feature is a major breakthrough and one we think policymakers and professionals will find invaluable. For those of you involved in deciding where and how to spend unprecedented stimulus dollars or how to allocate limited resources, you now can easily search for, find and then target neighborhoods where intervention could matter most.

Watch our quick online tutorial to see how it works or email us with any questions.

Stimulus Dollars Mapped: Earlier this month we joined’s National Dialogue around how to make stimulus investment information transparent to the public. As a part of that conversation, we quickly mapped transportation investments taking place in a few states in the Mid-Atlantic. These are now available in the Add Sites menu. Zoom in to an area of interest and click on any icon for detailed information about the investment.

Federal Stimulus Investments

Proximity to Mass Transit: Last month, we made mass transit lines from Urban Mapping available as a layer subscribers can place on top of their maps. Now we’ve maximized the availability of that data with two new “proximity to mass transit calculations.” Find out how close the nearest transit stop is to your area of interest or how many transit stops are nearby. Subscribers can look for these under the Neighborhood Conditions tab in the Add Data Layer menu.

NewsletterLogoS.jpgCNET: Voting closed for the CNET awards at the end of April. Winners will be announced later this month. Thank to everyone who voted for us!

Less than one year after launching PolicyMap, we are excited to share PolicyMap 2.0. Check it out and let us know what you think (contact us).

Don’t forget to Sign up for a 30-day free trial! (click here)
Maggie McCullough, PolicyMap Director

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