New Community College and 4-Year University Data

“In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. We will not fill those jobs – or keep those jobs on our shores – without the training offered by community colleges.” – President Barack Obama

During Barack Obama’s tenure as President, he has continually stressed the need for strengthening our nation’s community college system, pledging to boost federal funding by $12 billion over a 10 year period. As America enters an increasingly competitive global economy, our higher education system will need to keep pace with other nations. Meanwhile, American student loan debt has now climbed north of a $1 trillion, raising concerns that college students will delay homeownership and starting a family as a result of the burden. Issues related to higher education are deeply significant to our country, and require greater examination from policy-makers.

PolicyMap just introduced a comprehensive point-level data for both Community Colleges and 4-Year Colleges and Universities, originating from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). You can now see institutions of higher learning mapped out geographically, each with a wealth of descriptive indicators. Data for institutions of higher education includes:

– Contact information
– Categorical information
– Tuition
– Enrollment, retention, and graduation rates
– Demographics

Our filter feature allows you to extract just the information you need. Are you only looking for public universities with 20,000+ students with retention rates of 70-89% that offers Medical degrees? PolicyMap has you covered. You can also take advantage of our color-code feature to make your map coherent. The map below shows the distribution of colleges by Institutional Control (Public, Private, etc.) distinguished by color.

You can find the data under our Education tab, so come see for yourself!

Data mapped by PolicyMap, an online GIS mapping tool.