New tools now on PolicyMap!

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New tools now on PolicyMap!
MSAs and State Political Districts: Create maps and generate reports using two new geographies: MSAs and state upper and lower (senate and house) legislative districts. Create maps and generate reports about life, home prices, mortgage information and more using these new boundaries.
Climate Index: See how many heating and cooling degree days your area experienced in 2008. From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), areas on the map with fewer heating degree days require less heating of buildings than those with more heating degree days; areas with fewer cooling degree days require less air conditioning.
Site Radius Reports: Subscribers can quickly generate reports surrounding any site loaded into PolicyMap (an investment you’ve loaded in or a pre-loaded site such as a HUD Multifamily or Public Housing Development). From the map, add the sites, click on a point and click “See Report” from the info bubble. Just choose a report and then enter the size radius for which you’d like information. It’s that easy.

Federal Designations: Find out if properties or areas of interest are located in any of the following federal incentive areas:

  • HUD Qualified Census Tracts
  • HUD Difficult Development Areas
  • GO (Gulf Opportunity) Zones
  • NMTC Low Income Communities
  • CDFI Investment Areas
  • BEA Distressed Communities Economic Development and Housing Hot Zones

Find these maps under the Jobs & Economy tab in the Add Data Layer menu, then type in an address, zip code, or city in the Set Location bar to see if the area qualifies.

Coming in March: A powerful analytics feature which will allow you to identify and strategically target neighborhoods; mass transit lines; a ranking function and new data download capacity!

To learn more about PolicyMap, visit the site; register for free account, watch our tutorial, or sign up for a free online demo. See why over 150,000 people have turned to PolicyMap.

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Maggie McCullough

Director, PolicyMap

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