PolicyMap Analytics

This feature is now called 3-Layer Maps! Learn more about what we’ve done here.

PolicyMap 2.0 – Analytics: The new Analytics feature is now available to subscribers! This revolutionary neighborhood search tool will allow you to find neighborhoods that match up to 3 criteria on a map and generate a list of resulting places. Use the tool to answer an endless number of questions such as:

“Where are neighborhoods with low educational attainment rates and low household incomes, but close to mass transit?”

“Where are high poverty areas in close proximity to a mass transit stop and in good school districts?”

“Where are older homes in low vacancy areas that might be most in need of weatherization assistance?”

and more!

This feature is a major breakthrough and one we think policymakers and professionals will find invaluable. For those of you involved in deciding where and how to spend unprecedented stimulus dollars or how to allocate limited resources, you now can easily search for, find and then target neighborhoods where intervention could matter most.

Watch a video demo of PolicyMap’s newest feature: Analytics

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