Unlimited Data Uploads and Sharing

Subscribers can upload, map and share their own point data with anyone, anywhere.

Philadelphia, PA (December 11, 2012) – With over 25,000 users and 600 customers, PolicyMap (www.policymap.com) has become a trusted source for quick, easy, online data and mapping. Today, PolicyMap announces new self-service data loading, rooftop geocoding and a restructured subscription pricing plan that positions its mapping tool as the most comprehensive and affordable online tool in the location intelligence market.

An annual PolicyMap subscription gives users the ability to easily visualize, analyze, and chart any of the 15,000 trusted indicators available. Now, the same subscription gives users the ability to upload their own point data and leverage it with PolicyMap’s trusted data – creating a robust, fully self-service GIS tool for a fraction of the cost of traditional GIS products. No training or special technical skills are required.

Users can upload an unlimited number of address files at no additional charge, and can choose to keep their data secure and password-protected or share it with anyone, anywhere. The data uploader uses state-of-the art rooftop geocoding.

“PolicyMap is truly a “plug and play” solution,” said Mary Tingerthal, Commissioner of Minnesota Housing. “Using their interface we are able to share crucial geographic information with our customers. It is the simplest and most cost effective location-based system we’ve ever worked with.”

Standard subscriptions at $2,000 allow up to 5 users across organizations. Premium subscribers can have up to 10 users as well as additional data services and the ability to have up to 3 interactive mapping “widgets” created for use on their websites.

“We want data to have a place at the table when decisions are being made – and the only way to do that is to make it easily accessible and understandable by anyone, online” said Maggie McCullough, President of PolicyMap. “And it needs to be affordable. Our new pricing offers data, features and access that you won’t find anywhere else. “

In addition to subscriptions, PolicyMap also offers users the ability to license data for use in their existing mapping applications. Using the Data API, users can pull any of PolicyMap’s trusted data into their existing mapping applications at a fraction of the cost of doing it by themselves.

To learn more about the new data loader, sign up for a Wednesday webinar or check it out for yourself through a 7-day free trial at www.policymap.com.

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About The Reinvestment Fund and PolicyMap

PolicyMap (www.policymap.com) is a service of The Reinvestment Fund, a nonprofit leader in financing neighborhood revitalization. A fully web-based interactive map tool, PolicyMap empowers decision makers with better access to credible market and demographic data in an easy-to-use geographic information system.