PolicyMap for Community Health Needs Assessments


Discover the power of PolicyMap for Community Health Needs Assessments!

Instantly create a detailed Community Profile Report of the area served by your hospital, health center, or satellite facility!

Easily draw the area served directly on a map and generate a report about the characteristics of the community!

Visualize answers to the following types of questions: (as well as many, many more!)

  • Where are hospitals and health clinics located in relation to the demographics of the community?
  • Do people in areas with low incomes have access to good schools, supermarkets and fresh food?
  • How many elderly people have access to transportation and can get to your health center?
  • What are the patterns of outbreaks of communicable diseases in the community?

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Here’s an example of how to create a unique analytic with a focus on health and community health centers.

Topic: Find areas of Philadelphia that meet three criteria: At least 25% of the households are single family headed with children; at least 25% of the residents are SNAP food stamp recipients; and the area has a high LSA (Limited Supermarket Access) Score.
Analytic PFLSA Philly

Also identify nearby (or lack of) community health centers in those areas.
Analytic PFLSA Health Center Philly

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