Using PolicyMap Data to Find Equity at the Intersection of Housing and Opportunity in the US


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PolicyMap is a one-stop shop for visualizing nationally available data that can facilitate the open conversations needed to guide the implementation of fair housing practices in neighborhoods across the United States.  Opportunities, such as proximity to high-performing schools, access to transit, or neighborhood amenities like libraries, can be visualized on a map and compared to where single parents with children live, where subsidized housing is located, or where people of color are buying homes.  While this data can be viewed as single layers on PolicyMap, identifying places where factors intersect can provide deeper insights.  These insights help, for example, to identify areas where greater numbers of people of color are buying homes and are able to access opportunities like higher-performing schools, as well as areas where people of color are buying homes and not able to access those same opportunities.

The two maps below show high-performing schools as green or blue dots and higher numbers of Black buyers as dark purple.  The maps highlight vastly different dynamics and suggest that the implementation of fair housing policies in each of these places should also be different.

Map displays number of home loans made to Black borrows overlayed with schools with high performances

Map displays Elizabeth, NJ and the census tracts with the highest number of home loans made to Black borrowers in 2019. This is overlayed with school performance data highlighting were the best and worst schools are located.

Data available in PolicyMap to help public policymakers analyze trends, zero in on areas of concern, and identify opportunities in need of support includes the following. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Demographics of Fair Housing Protection
Households by Race and Ethnicity
Predominant Race
People with Disabilities
Foreign-Born Population
Religious Affiliations
Familial Status
Index of Dissimilarity (Theil Index)
Income and Poverty
Household Income by Race and Ethnicity
People in Poverty by Race and Ethnicity
Inequality of Income (Gini Index)
Concentrated Persistent Poverty
People of Color Who Own Their Home
People of Color Who Rent Their Home
Market Conditions
Market Value Analyses (for select cities)
Home Values
Home Sales
Historic Lending Discrimination
HOLC Risk Maps
Morgage Loans
Originations by Race
Loans by Race
Refis by Race
Prime Loans by Race
High Cost Loans by Race
Government Insured Loans by Race
Denials by Race
Financial Burdens
Housing Cost Burdens
Percent of Housing Cost Spent on Taxes
Federally Supported Housing
Households in Subsidized Housing by Race
Housing Supported by HUD
Housing Supported by USDA
USDA Single Family Loans by Race
Other Federal Investments
Stacked Tax Credits
NMTC Locations
Access and Opportunity
Upward Mobility Rate by Race
Internet Access by Race
High Performing Schools
Opportunity Indices
Census Low Response Score
Access to Capital
Bank Branch Locations
Credit Union Branches
CDFI Locations
Environmental Burdens
Flood Zones
Superfund Sites
Brownfield Sites
Social Vulnerability Index
Lead Exposure Risk