PolicyMap #Datapoetry: Features in haiku

For this entry of our series for the National Poetry Month, what better way to try and describe the many (complex) features of PolicyMap than through haiku!

When searching for things.
The location bar works best
with zip and address.

To add some data,
select a category
is where you should start.

Customize data
with choices in the legend.
Change years or colors.

To print your new map,
you have so many options
but just 3 formats.

To share maps somewhere,
embed one on your website
or just email it.

A custom region
are your unique boundaries
just for your own needs.

Tables will compare
data between locations,
query addresses.

Reports can offer
tons of data in one shot.
Just with a few clicks.

A haiku for a
3 Layer Map is simply
just impossible.

Upload your spreadsheet
using the Data Loader,
and display on maps.

For all your questions,
contact our support team now
by phone or by email.

While we can’t simplify everything on PolicyMap into a haiku, we’re happy to help answer any questions you might have. Join any of our training sessions or read any of our guides.