PolicyMap Featured in PHI Perspectives

PolicyMap was recently featured in the blog of management consulting firm PHI Perspectives, in a rundown of businesses that work across multiple datasets to gain insights and solve problems. As PHI Perspective’s James Phimister writes:

…Many a great database has been created by focusing on a specific problem and use case, with willful blinders to how the database may extend to new use cases that in turn require co-mingling with other data sets. As these siloed databases have grown and shown their mettle, inevitably someone will want to co-mingle, query and render across multiple datasets.

And thus, the opportunity is created.

On the topic of PolicyMap, Phimister says:

One appeal of this business is that, while they were created to serve a general use case of normalizing geo-located policy oriented data, needs for this type of data continue to proliferate, positioning PolicyMap for new, even unanticipated use cases.

You can read the entire post here. Have you found success by using data from different datasets on PolicyMap? Let us know!