PolicyMap Grows Up

Last week, we launched a new PolicyMap website. You’ll find:

  • BlogPost_20160427_PolicyMapGrowsUpMore information on our products and how customers are using our data and mapping tools.
  • Quick tutorials at your fingertips.
  • A revamped blog (where we separate out the deep data content from our news).
  • Simpler ways to sign up – either to trial, subscribe or get to the always free Public Edition.
  • Increased security (we moved the entire site to SSL/HTTPS).


But this new PolicyMap website actually represents something much more – it marks the beginning of a new stage for us as an LLC. For the last eight years, we’ve operated successfully as a division of Reinvestment Fund, a catalyst for change in low-income communities. Creating the PolicyMap LLC is part of our growth strategy and will help us to further diversify our base of support. We merged with our long time development team at 3D-L, enabling us to bring our data and tech teams entirely in house. We are all PolicyMap, with a refreshed logo and branding to boot! See our Notice of Assignment for more information on the LLC.

We are extremely lucky to feel both the excitement of “being on our own” and the security of knowing that Reinvestment Fund, like a good parent, has our back.

So, with our headquarters in Philadelphia and an office in Los Angeles, we began this year with a full product and data development roadmap. If you haven’t seen the new print feature released earlier this year, you should check it out. You won’t find web-based image exports as beautiful as these anywhere on the web. We are also working on an intuitive CSV download feature that will allow you to get data out of the platform and into your own analytical tools with ease. To top it off, we’re building live feeds, a few modularized mapping tools for key customers, and new, unique content that will roll out over the course of the year.

And while much is changing for PolicyMap, recognize that much remains the same. We believe that data has the power to create change in communities and markets, and we are committed more than ever to creating the tools and finding the data you need to help your organization do good. Visit PolicyMap today to send us your feedback. As always, your thoughts help shape where we go next. We’re looking forward to it.