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Digging Deeper: Using Historical Data to Inform Future Fair Housing Policy

Residential lending boundaries drawn over 80 years ago widened racial wealth gaps, solidified unfair housing and lending patterns, and perpetuated racial segregation across the U.S. A growing body of research shows the impact these practices have extended beyond housing, driving disparities related to health, quality of life, and education access throughout our communities.

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Using PolicyMap Data to Find Equity at the Intersection of Housing and Opportunity

PolicyMap is a one-stop shop for visualizing nationally available data that can facilitate the open conversations needed to guide the implementation of fair housing practices in neighborhoods across the United States. Opportunities, such as proximity to high performing schools, access to transit or neighborhood amenities like libraries, can be visualized on a map and compared to where single parents with children live, where subsidized housing is located or where people of color are buying homes. Visualizing these intersections can reveal vastly different dynamics in communities across the US calling for different types of policies to further fair housing.

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An “All-Out” Effort to Achieve Desegregation and Equality of Opportunity: Assessment of Fair Housing 2.0

Explore the history of the Fair Housing Act’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing provision, how it has been implemented and, in this moment when the interpretation of the provision is being revisited, suggestions for how its vision of integrated communities can be realized in a new brief from Reinvestment Fund and the University of Pennsylvania

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