PolicyMap Primer

From data layers to Reports to Analytics to the Data Loader, PolicyMap offers many ways to interact with data. To help you become familiar with the system, we have created the PolicyMap Primer. This is a complete overview of all features and functions.

We have also put the Primer online with interactive links, interactive examples, and images.

Check the Primer Online

Download a copy of the Primer:
PolicyMap Primer v4.1.0


Updates to the Primer:

  • April, 2014 – Analytics becomes 3-Layer Maps
  • March, 2014 – Complete User Interface Update
  • January, 2013 – Data Loader ver 2, the Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • August, 2012 – New Custom Region customizations
  • May, 2012 – Data Loader ver 1 Update and New Widget Customization
  • December, 2011 – Report Chooser
  • May, 2011 – Searching Add Sites and Updated Add Sites list
  • April, 2011 – Updated See Values
  • March, 2011 – My Favorites
  • February, 2011 – My PolicyMap Categories
  • December, 2010 – Data Loader
  • November, 2010 – Updated See List and Set Location Bar
  • July, 2010 – Google aerial maps
  • May, 2010 – Make time series maps using Edit Ranges
  • April, 2010 – Interactive widgets
  • March, 2010 – New ways to build custom regions

At PolicyMap, we strive to continually improve our application and will keep you posted as we update data, add new datasets or introduce new functionality. The Primer will also be updated as new features are added to PolicyMap.

If you would like more information on various features or have any questions about PolicyMap, please join us in our weekly trainings (open calendar) or contact us at (866) 923-MAPS (6277) or info@policymap.com.