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If your business or organization is planning a move to a new area, or perhaps planning a project in a part of the country that you know little about, services that provide general but extensive demographic information about the location are a windfall. Non-profits looking to set up shop where they’re most needed, or businesses looking to relocate their corporate headquarters to cities with highly qualified candidates all turn to services like PolicyMap to provide the type of demographic information they need to make intelligent decisions. PolicyMap collects information on over 4,000 indicators for areas around the country, including real estate, jobs, education, income, and energy, and makes the information available to everyone from civic and non-profit organizations to developers and government agencies.

PolicyMap’s free trial allows you to search by city or zip code and see a little more about your neighborhood, even select a few filters to learn more about your community. Even so, services like PolicyMap aren’t generally aimed at individuals, although a civic group or city council could likely learn more about their locale than they might know using a service like PolicyMap.

When one of the companies that I worked for considered moving its corporate headquarters about 50 miles north, the executives had to weigh several important factors including room for growth, affordable building space, and whether or not they would be able to attract highly qualified candidates for the company. Granted, services like PolicyMap collect aggregate data and statistics on education and real estate, not individual academic careers or home values, for example.

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This article appeared in AppScout on Monday June 9th, 2008.