PolicyMap’s Starring Role in the New Google Maps Gallery

PolicyMap’s Starring Role in the New Google Maps Gallery
By: Maggie McCullough

1Housing Affordability in the United States2Population Change 2000 - 20103Crime Rate Aggravated Assault4Unemployment in the United States

It’s a great day for people who love maps! We’ve been quietly working behind the scenes on an exciting new map platform and we are thrilled to be a part of the worldwide debut of Google Maps Gallery today! Now accessible at maps.google.com/gallery, Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas where anyone can search for and find rich, compelling maps.

We’re in great company too! In addition to some of our most popular demographic, housing, lending and employment maps, you’ll find Topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey, Weather maps from Berkeley Earth, maps of Earth at night from NASA, Parks & Recreation maps from The National Park Service, U.S. School Ratings from GreatSchools.org, and Historical Civil War maps from the National Geographic Society, to name a few.

Maps included in the Gallery can be viewed in Google Earth and are now discoverable through major search engines.

Google Maps Gallery gives us a new way to build awareness for our content and inform the public at-large about the value of PolicyMap as a research and reporting tool. Given our business model is 100-percent focused on this space, Google was impressed with our experience and knowledge of the various data maps people need to do their work. Google understood this and saw our extensive warehouse of geographic data as a valuable addition to the platform.

With Google’s massive reach, our data is more discoverable and our maps can now be shared with millions of Internet users who otherwise may not have known about PolicyMap. While we are launching with a select set of maps, our goal is to add more as the Maps Gallery grows and becomes a central marketplace for data maps.

We’ve been talking about the growing popularity of maps for years, so that’s why it really means a lot to see this program launch today. The very existence of Google Maps Gallery further proves the importance of maps in helping to visualize data, tell stories and create understanding in a complex world. We’re great at scrubbing data so you don’t have to – and we are thrilled to be making our maps more discoverable now through Maps Gallery so more people can enjoy the benefits of our self service data mapping tool.

Please visit our Publisher Page on Google Maps Gallery to learn more about this new platform and to access maps we’ve made available, including Unemployment in the United States, People in the United States with a Bachelor’s Degree, Home Values in the United States, Crime Rates: Aggravated Assault, FHA Loans: Government-Backed Loans for Homebuyers, Housing Affordability in the United States, Workers Under the Age of 30 in the US, People without Health Insurance, Senior Population – Census 2010, Population Under 18 – Census 2010, Population Change 2000 – 2010, Quality of Care: Readmission Rate within 30 Days of a Hospital Stay, Renters in the United States – Census 2010 and Bank Branches & Deposits.