Subscriber Spotlight: IFF St. Louis Education Widget

We are always excited to shine the spotlight on our subscribers, and we can’t help but shine it brightly on one of our longest standing clients, IFF, this week. IFF, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit community development financial institutions, recently completed a study for the City of St. Louis, MO, outlining changes in access to performing public schools and public school seats in St. Louis City from 2008-2013. Along with the study, IFF also worked with us here at PolicyMap to create a widget making some of its results available to policymakers and the public in an interactive way. The study and widget have been getting press in many places, from the St. Louis Post Dispatch to St. Louis Public Radio to Fox news.

Among the study’s findings were that the City’s school enrollment went up by 5% between 2008 and 2013, and that as of the 2012-2013 school year, 36% of students were in state standard school slots (either accredited or accredited with distinction). The study identified 6 priority areas for new and transformed schools, referred to as service gap areas. The service gap areas, as well as all schools and their performance rating data, are available for public consumption on the widget, which can be found here. The City’s vacant school facilities are also included. More information about the study’s methodology, sources and findings can be found on the City of St. Louis’ website.


IFF completed a similar needs assessment for the City of Milwaukee, WI, which can also be accessed on IFF’s website. The third needs assessment and corresponding widget is for the State of Indiana and will be released soon.

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