The Data Loader and our Data API

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All the data you need. All in one place. All online. | November 2010

The Data Loader (Part 1) is Here!

Now you can start loading your own data into PolicyMap. This week we've released the first phase of our data loader — allowing you to upload your own point level data by either clicking on the map or entering an address. The data loader allows you to build your dataset through the platform, geocode it, save it and share it with the public or select others. You can even download your dataset as a csv file or come back later to edit or delete any of your datasets. Use the data loader to turn PolicyMap into your platform for analyzing and sharing the geographic data that is most important to you!

In the next few months, we will be expanding the capabilities of the data loader further, giving you the ability to load entire spreadsheets of address level data as well as your own thematic datasets.

To learn more about how the data loader works, watch our video.

Our Data API

We work with clients to deliver data from our geodatabase into their web applications including those using Bing and Google Maps. The Data API gives our clients the ability to pull good, sound data into their web sites and create fluid, thematic maps with little effort on their end. As we update the data in our platform, their website is updated automatically. Visit our Client Stories page to learn how others are using the Data API and contact us if you have a similar interest.

A New, Simpler Homepage

We’ve just introduced a simpler, easier to understand PolicyMap homepage! It’s loaded with videos giving you more information about the data and tools available in PolicyMap; stories about how our clients are using the application to increase their use of data and make their work more transparent; and a simpler, more organized blog.

Visit PolicyMap today and keep the questions, feedback and ideas coming. We love hearing from you!

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