Santa Monica College widget for the EEI

AME Careers is the online face of the California Department of Education’s (CDE) Arts, Media and Entertainment Career Technical Education Initiative. This effort started in 2004 with the development of the first AME standards and frameworks. The overall goal of this sector project is to expand and support the network of Arts, Media and Entertainment programs in California’s public high schools and colleges in order to connect and enhance the field of practitioners. The development and approval of the standards has engaged teachers, administrators, and the industry.

This initiative has been managed by the Department’s lead AME consultant in partnership with Santa Monica College. Don Doyle, the original CDE staff member, retired in 2008. Jack Mitchell, a 30 year theater and english teacher, took over this responsibility a year later. The principal external consultant for the project since 2004 has been Kathleen Milnes, President and CEO of the Entertainment Economy Institute. PolicyMap has help Santa Monica College and the Entertainment Economy Institute build an interactive map (or widget) to help visualize the data collected for the initiative. Check out the widget here.

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